Our Mission

We serve our customers by providing quality pharmaceuticals, valuable services, and timely information while remaining responsive to an ever-changing marketplace. We accomplish these objectives by building upon our unique customer service, while anticipating the future needs of the marketplace and responding quickly.

These are the enduring principles guiding our organization:

-We shall conduct ourselves with integrity and honesty.

-We shall treat our employees, customers, vendors, competitors, regulatory agencies, the community and the environment with respect and fairness.

-We shall strive to build a profitable organization of highly motivated employees committed to working together to achieve company goals and individual professional and personal growth.

-We shall adhere to the laws of the land and uncompromising ethical standards as we pursue our business objectives.

-Lastly, and with humility and gratitude to all who contribute towards our success, we shall not forget those in need and shall continue to contribute a significant portion of our profits to charity.


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